Strong Sun Moon is a 5-piece ensemble from Seattle, Washington, featuring a blend of styles influenced by Latin rhythms, Americana, Blues and World music. Sultry male and female vocals intertwine in soulful harmony with ecstatic solos to set your nervous system ablaze.  A genre all their own–a unique combination of complex ancient rhythms, piercing 21st century lyrics, and a blend of musical styles from three continents weave a kind of inclusive love that inspires a true sense of community. Instruments from South America, Cascadia, and Eastern Europe seamlessly form a compelling musical landscape and moving painting of verse highlighting visionary lyrics and social justice, with musical elements from the Latin dance scene, and eastern European percussion.

Charango and Ronroco, (10 string South American lute-like instruments) blend with harmonica, slide guitar, banjo and world percussion, (bombo, cajón, frame drum). The ensemble creates a wide range of textures, sometimes venturing into sultry blues, at others diving into fiery latin rhythms paired with lush vocal harmonies.

Current Projects

The band’s second album, which will be the first to include the 5 piece musical ensemble, is scheduled to be released Winter 2017. Strong Sun Moon actively plays at festivals, music venues, and private events throughout Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.


Strong Sun Moon began as a duo with Camelia Jade and Mike Antone.  These multi-instrumentalists create original pieces which draw upon their ancestry and cultural influences from the Pacific Northwest, to the Black Sea and South America.

Since 2015, the group has evolved into a 5-piece ensemble.


from left: Dawn Reardon, Camelia Jade, Mike Antone, Samantha Hiatt, Gabe Herbert

Camelia Jade – Vocals, Guitar, Charango, Percussion
Mike Antone – Vocals, Guitar, Slide, Banjo, Harmonica
Gabe Herbert – Bass
Samantha Hiatt – Vocals, Percussion (Bombo, Cajonito)
Dawn Reardon – Percussion (Frame Drum, Bombo)

Camelia Jade learned South American folk from a musical mentor, a family friend who was a political prisoner with her grandfather in Chile in the 1970’s.  Re-discovering the instruments and rhythms like a deep memory, the music comes forth in new forms, also drawing from her experiences of being raised in the U.S..  She has performed in Canada and Europe with touring folk groups since 2007.

Mike Antone, born and raised in the Snoqualmie Valley of Washington State, comes from a musical family rich with stories and traditions, from the PNW timber and railroad music with his brother and nephews, and as far reaching as his grandfather’s stories and melodies resonating from the Black Sea.  Three of Mike’s protest songs have been picked by Neil Young and featured on his site “Living With War Today,” and all three have reached #1 placement.

Gabe Herbert plays the 5-string electric bass with great sensitivity and articulation.  He has been performing as a bassist with Camelia since 2006, they formed a group called “Satellite by Night”.  In 2009, Mike Antone began playing guitar and lapsteel with the group, from which their duo was later formed.

Samantha Hiatt is a highly versatile musician who performs in many groups ranging from Soul to Rock, Jazz, Theatre and more.  Her lush, powerful vocals and percussion have contributed to the ensemble since 2013.

Dawn Reardon is a world-percussionist, poet and Naturopathic Doctor, her contributions of complex rhythms are a potent addition.

Each member is essential to the growing synthesis of this music.  A new record is in the works, with an anticipated release-date of early 2017.

“…the musicians communicate their harmonies with such grace that the music approaches therapeutic levels of tranquility. … Strong Sun Moon is a fantastic album, the kind that restores your faith in modern music… The compositions are mixed with a loving grace that, for me, is almost unheard of nowadays.” – Sean Dennison, The Even Ground, 2013)

Listen to the album here

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