Strong Sun Moon

Camelia Jade & Mike Antone
Folk / World
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Camelia Jade – charango, ronroco, voice, guitar and percussion.
Mike Antone – harmonica, voice, guitar, lap steel and piano.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Doug Haire at Jack Straw Cultural Center, Seattle, WA.
Album Artwork by Megan Sewell. Photography by Cedar Branches. Graphic Design by Troy Lazenby.

Copyright © 2013 Camelia Jade & Mike Antone.

Track 4, “Blue” Copyright © 2001 Lucinda Williams, (p) 2001 UMG Recordings, Inc. Re-recorded with permission. All Rights Reserved.

© All Rights Reserved.


beadwork_strong sun moon

The Artwork, beaded on a loom, was inspired by and created for Camelia Jade and Mike Antone.  I wanted to capture an image of the exceptional beauty they deliver through song.  The Elements of Earth and Sky, winged ones and flowering buds, sunset and night sky, river and mountain capture the essence of CJ and Mike’s rich inner landscapes and bring picture to their sound.  The flower, “Copihue,” represents the national flower growing in the southern region of Chile, CJ’s ancestral land.  While the mountains resemble Mt. Si, near which Mike resides and finds his peaceful heart.  The river unites the two, with Great Spirit, symbolized as the bird, always watching over.  I’m delighted to share with you my inspired creation and be in collaboration with these two phenomenal musicians!  What an honor.  In Gratitude,  -Megan Sewell, LAC, Artist.

Thank you Satellite By Night and Left Coast Gypsies for providing us with some of these beautiful tunes.  Thank you to our fans for believing in our music and for being excited as much as we are.  We love what we are doing and look forward to sharing this work with you.  May we continue to share this love through music, inspire ourselves and others for decades to come.  Love, Mike.

Thank you to my maternal and paternal grandparents for providing a rich heritage.  Thank you to my loving family, friends and my sweet love, Dawn, for always believing in me.  I would like to thank Sergio Urrutia for his mentorship in Charango and Folklorica.  May we always remember those like he and my grandfather, who have the courage to passionately believe in social justice.  This music is dedicated to the love and strength of the human spirit.  Love, CJ.

Thank you to Doug Haire for his direction, time and energy.  Thank you to Megan Sewell for all the love and dedication you put into the beadwork.  Thank you Cedar Branches for your professionalism and beautiful photography.  Thank you Troy Lazenby for your assistance with the design layout and for being there for us; we could not do this without you.  Thanks to Jack Straw Cultural Center, and to Lucinda Williams for the beautiful song, “Blue.”

© All Rights Reserved.